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Welcome to the new Cravens Heritage Trains website. Cravens Heritage Trains exists to promote the preservation of London Underground rolling stock and artefacts. Where possible we seek to retain them in working order.

12922013_10153543432714639_1037440443_oWe own two trains; one a three-car unit of 1960 Stock is in working order and based at Northfields depot. It has been used for railtours and for filming work. Our second train is a four-car unit of 1962 Stock and is being restored at Hainault Depot in east London. Since 2001 we have also leased Epping Signal Cabin and store Locomotive L11 on the site, work is currently taking place to restore the building and locomotive. More information on this can be found at L11.org.uk.

CHTL has its origins in efforts to preserve the Epping Ongar section of the Central Line. In the early 1990s when the closure was first proposed local rail enthusiasts formed the Ongar Railway Preservation Society (ORPS). In 1994 a small group of ORPS members decided to purchase 1960 Stock cars 3906, 4927 and 3907, the train that operated the last Epping – Ongar service. At this time it was hoped that the branch might re-open as a unique preserved railway with electric traction between Epping and North Weald. Further fund raising allowed the purchase of a 4-car train of 1962 Stock in 1995.

Our first railtour was operated in July 1995 and further tours took place the following year. The Cravens unit was moved from Hainault to Ruislip in 1996 and since then we have operated regular tours visiting many parts of the network. We have also participated in the very successful “Steam on the Met” events. CHTL maintains a close relationship with the LT Museum and was pleased to provide train stewards for the successful outings of the 1938 TS in the Autumn of 2003.

After the highly successful East London Explorer in 2003, the Cravens unit required substantial maintenance work and this was undertaken by London Underground on our behalf. In 2014 the unit was in a suitable condition to transfer by rail to the Epping Ongar Railway and run on the branch for a long weekend to mark 20 years since closure. Final work is now being undertaken to the unit to get it ready to run on London Underground metals once again.

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